in Iceland, 112 is the universal emergency number.  Contact is 
readily available with all emergency response services such as police, 
fire brigades, ambulances and rescue teams.  Save the number in your 
mobile phone.  
Remember that even if your phone 
appears to have no signal, still attempt to call if you need help.  
Also, try to get onto the nearest high point and see whether you can get
 phone services there.  If it unfortunately happens that you have gotten
 lost, try to phone 112.  It’s important to remain at the same location 
and never to wander about the area or try to find the way back.  This 
makes it more difficult for rescue teams to find you.
In each year of the last decade quite a few serious 
  accidents involving hikers have occurred.  The unpredictable 
 Icelandic weather often comes as a surprise, but frequently 
 it is the hiker's overestimation of 
 his or her abilities or, conversely, an underestimation of 
 the conditions, which cause 
 trouble. All kinds of weather 
 conditions can be expected
on most highland hiking trails, and 
sometimes markers are hidden by  snow patches.
Those, who enter ice caves 
always run great risks, because of cave ins.
In 1970 a few hikers died of 
hypothermia hiking Mt pass Fimmvorduhals.
 (A very popular hiking 
 trail between Skogar and Thorsmork)."

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