Rent a camper in Iceland

Iceland is becoming an increasingly popular tours attraction in it's own right. Every year more tourists choose to take a holiday in Iceland and they need accommodations. By offering a range of campers for rent in Icleand car rentals and specialised camper and motorhome rentals are meeting this demand. Driving in Iceland in a rented camper gives tourists in Iceland the chance to to experience Icelandic nature first hand., You can find affordable camping sites around Iceland ring road that welcome campers, motorhomes and RV's. You may even want to rent specially equipped vans that can handle the Icelandic highlands. Value conscious tourists in Iceland will know that the ideal way to travel in Iceland in comfort, complete independence and flexibility is in a recreational vehicle.

Car rental Iceland    Car Hire Iceland is a camper van rental service. The company is situated in Keflavik, five minutes from the international airport. We can arrange transport from the airport to our headquarters where you choose your holiday motor home.

JS Camper Rental

The ideal way to see Iceland in unequalled comfort, complete independence and flexibility, is with a fully equipped, self contained recreational vehicle from J&S RV Rent.

Kuku Campers

 If you are looking for a great value in transportation and lodging in Iceland, then Kukucampers offer the lowest possible cost of bed and transport.