Iceland Wool

Wool has always been a trade item in Iceland, the Viking settlers of Iceland brought sheep and other livestock into Iceland and these developed into special breeds such as the Icelandic sheep and the Icelandic horse. Icelandic wool became popular in the last century when knitted sweaters became a design product.
Icelandic sweaters have traditional patterns and are made from 100% Icelandic wool. Wool is making a come-back from a period of decline as it is becoming something of a fashion item. The popularity of the knitted sweater can also be attributed to tourists in Iceland who have helped in making the Icelandic sweater one of the better known Icelandic knitwear. With the economy unstable small companies looked to internet marketing for their survival the Icelandic Nordic Store set out to become one of the nation's leading manufacturers of woolen products. This Icelandic business now has over 100 Icelandic knitters that hand knit wool sweaters and wool accessories that are sold online at and as well as in the shops in centre of Reykjavik Iceland.

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Istex produces and sells Alafosslopi and other Lopi yarns for hand knitting. They also manufacture industrial yarns for knitting, weaving and carpet manufacturing. 


The Varma brand includes socks, mittens, hats, headbands, gloves, scarves and shawls, as well as a selection of sweaters, cardigans and capes made from high quality Icelandic wool.  The Icelandic wool product lines range from traditional styles and patterns following the latest fashion trends.