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Many tourists in Iceland travel on foot at some point during their holiday in Iceland. Some shuffle off to visit one of Iceland's famous outdoor pools while others visit the shops in Iceland and stroll down the Laugavegur shopping street. Then there are those who actually trek the Laugavegur hiking trail between Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork.

The trail "Laugavegurinn" is one of the most popular and most travelled hiking trails in Icelandic wilderness. It is equally popular with domestic and foreign hikers. This is not without a reason as the trail offers a great variety of landscape. Mountains in almost every colour of the rainbow, great glaciers, roaring hot springs, big rivers and lakes. Generally the hike lasts four days and the starting point is Landmannalaugar (altitude approx. 600 meters) Overnighting is in huts but you have to supply your own sleeping bag. Those with confirmed reservations have a higher priority so it is important to look in advance if you want to have a certain place to stay. Laugavegurinn, or Laugavegur hiking trail is 55 kilometres long is maintained and serviced by Ferðafélag Íslands (FÍ), the Iceland Touring Association.

Hiking in Iceland is the classic way to get to explore the countryside and nature in Iceland. 

You can either hike cross-country with a map and compass, or use one of the marked-out routes. For longer tours you do need to be fit and well equipped as the weather can change suddenly. It is not unknown for there to be freak snow-storms in the Summer, especially on higher ground. 

A wide variety of organised and special-interest tours are available to walking and hiking enthusiasts, such as 17 day organised treks through remote areas. Further details on hiking and trekking in Iceland are available from touring clubs and travel agencies.  
Tourist information centres all over the country also offer brochures covering the local areas in detail. 
Many of the longer trails tempt the hikers to prolong the hike by staying an extra day in one of the many mountain huts just to explore the immediate vicinity.

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Hiking in Iceland

If you are looking to go hiking in Iceland you will be amazed at the wide variety of hiking trails you have to choose from.
There are long hiking trails that will take you across some of the most scenic landscapes in the most remote parts of Iceland and there are short hiking trails that lie at the doorstep of Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik. 

Hiking in Iceland - Laugavegurinn

The Icelandic hiking trail known as "Laugavegurinn" is one of the most popular and most travelled hiking trails in the Icelandic highlands. It is popular both amongst the Icelandic people themselves and foreign hikers. This hiking trail offers a great variety of scenic landscapes, such as staggering mountains in almost every colour imaginable, impressive glaciers, blazing hot springs, huge rivers and tranquil lakes. 


There are various walking paths and trails in Iceland that are worth stroling along if you enjoy nature.
Many of the well marked tekking paths are close to the main roads making them available to most people. They are well marked and maintained throughout the year.