Hiking in Iceland

Long hiking trails in Iceland & short hiking trails in Iceland

If you are looking to go hiking in Iceland you will be amazed at the wide variety of hiking trails you have to choose from.
There are long hiking trails that will take you across some of the most scenic landscapes in the most remote parts of Iceland and there are short hiking trails that lie at the doorstep of Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik.
Then there is everything in between.
Of course Iceland is littered with hiking trails almost anywhere you go. Locals are quite willing to inform tourists about hiking trails in their area but if you can’t find any locals just ask at the tourist information centers or at your hotel or guesthouse.
The hiking trails in Iceland are generally well marked and the more popular tracks are well maintained at all seasons. You will come across them as you drive or bike along Iceland’s main highway, the ring road, where information signs are put up for your convenience. Most maps also show the more popular hiking trails in each region of Iceland.

If you are a secure and experienced hiker then the long hiking trails in Iceland such as the well known highland road Laugavegur, a four day hike in the highlands, may be exactly what you are looking for.
If you are just taking your first steps in the hiking scene then shorter walking trails around the capital may be just the thing for you.

Short hiking trails in Iceland

The advantages of shorter hiking trails, like those offered on day trips or those scenic routes you can easily find along the highway, are that you can be certain of enjoying a relaxing hike in a beautiful environment without requiring much training or even stamina.
These trips can be spontaneous and for some of the easier hiking trails you will not even need to wear special hiking gear.
The shorter hikes around Reykjavik include the ever popular trails along the mountain Esja as well asÚlfarsfell, the island of Videy, heidmorkoskjuhlid and Ellidardalur.


Long hiking trails in Iceland 

For the longer hiking trails a more organised method of approach is advised.
Plan the trip well in advance, book accommodations, make travel plans and leave them with someone you trust as well as the local search and rescue teams, wear the appropriate shoes and make sure you can easily carry all your gear.
There are many good hiking trails in Iceland that require an overnight stop where hikers can choose between camping in the wild Icelandic nature or staying in cabins and mountain huts which require advanced booking.
There are many tourist companies and travel operators who offer guided tours along the longer hikes in Iceland and while such guidance is not compulsory, it is recommended because of the many difficult challenges that a hiker may come across in the Icelandic highlands.
The most popular long hiking trails in Iceland include the LaugavegurHveravellir - Hvitarnes,Fimmvorduhals, oskjuvegurinn, Landmannalaugar and Hornstrandir to name but a few.

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