Helecopter Tour in Icleand

Think about taking a helicopter tour in Iceland on your next visit to this land of fire and ice.

Iceland is a large island, it is roughly 100,000 square km or just under 40,000 square miles, it has been shaped by volcanic activity, the force of the ocean and unpredictable weather.
This has combined to create some of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. And what’s more, it is to a large extent untouched by man.

There is so much to see in Iceland you will find yourself filling your days with one amazing tour after another. But Iceland is also stunning from air, flying above the wild highlands or oceans to reach locations otherwise isolated.

Helicopter tours in Iceland are a great way to see and enjoy Icelandic nature.

Heli - Norðurflug

Norðurflug is the largest helicopter service in Iceland and the essence of the company is its experienced pilots. You'll be in good hands whether you are filming a Hollywood movie or turning a good vacation into an extraordinary one.

Helo - Þyrluþjónustan

Helo (the Helicopter Service of Iceland) provides helicopter services throughout Iceland’s breathtaking landscape. We specialize in sightseeing tours and aerial work for film and photography. We also offer pre-designed tours and high-end services, such as tailor-made exclusive flights.Our highly experienced team are focused on excellent service and finding solutions to match your needs.