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Here you can plan everything you need to your play golf in Iceland from a short golfing break to a longer stay travelling in Iceland between golf clubs and golf courses. Due to Iceland’s northerly location, the country experiences 24 hours of sunlight every day over the summer months of June and July. This means that golfers are able to go out and play golf whenever they feel during the day or night. Perhaps you may want to take a break from playing golf in Iceland to enjoy some of the tours in Iceland where you can go Horseback riding or whale watching. Depending on which region of Iceland you wish to spend the most time in on your golf holiday in Iceland you will need to secure Accommodation and perhaps a rental car. 


Since 1930 people have played golf in Iceland and today there are approximately 75 golf courses in Iceland.  In the Greater Reykjavík area alone there are 10 golf clubs in Iceland and there are a total of 15.000 golfers registered in golf clubs in Iceland. About 35.000 individuals play golf every year which amounts to about 10 % of the population in Iceland. All the major golf courses in Iceland are open to visitors and green fees are moderate and tee time is available with some advance booking at most of the golf courses. Dress code on golf courses in Iceland are the same as all over the world. Basically, No jeans or T-shirts without a collar are allowed. Handicap on golf courses in Iceland is according to EGA (European Golf Association) regulation and is required by some of the 18 hole golf courses, usually 36 for men and 36 for ladies. Golf equipments such as trollies are usually for hire at the 18 hole golf courses. Playing golf in Iceland is like so much Iceland has to offer, a unique experience and one you will remember for a lifetime.

Golf in Reykjavik and it's surrounding area may be all you are after but if you wish to see more of Iceland local car rentals offer affordable prices on their rental cars. Playing golf in Reykjavik does however offer you access to the capital of Iceland with all it's charms and day tours while still offering great natural wonders. Golf carts and clubs for hire are available at the golf courses in Greater Reykjavík area but less common out in the country.
Iceland complete offers a one stop golf in Iceland planing site, where you can find hotels in Iceland, Local Icelandic car rentals, Tourist information, the best local and Iceland wide restaurants as well as information on day tours in Iceland and guided sightseeing tours. 

There are various golfing events in Iceland to tempt you to come and play golf in Iceland such as the annual Midnight golf event at Akureyri Golf Club, The Arctic Open Golf Championship. It is an international event which attracts golfers from various parts of the world. Highest number of international players so far is 120 participants. This tournament takes place in late June every year. Tee-off is just before midnight and playing continues until the early hours of the morning. For further information see golf arctic open.
But you don't need a tournament to play golf at midnight surrounded by lava fields because this luxury is available in the Icelandic summer due to Iceland's northerly location. To be able to play you have to book the midnight golf in advance at the golf course. Some golf courses might limit the time they allow midnight golf due to the possibilities 
of offering service like open club house and restaurant. 

Sweeping mountains and majestic ocean views are typical in Icelandic golf courses, which tend to follow the contours of the naturally dramatic landscape. Playing a round of Midnight golf in Iceland is an incredible golfing experience. Somehow the golf courses, landscape and the atmosphere is different when you are playing in the night. If you have a mind to try your hand at a round of midnight golf in Iceland you should dress appropriately, the temperature at night is different so wear layered clothing and/or  a special kinds of underwear.

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The aim of this website is to help you to plan your golf trip to Iceland. It has information about all the golf courses in Iceland particular the 18 hole golf courses. It also provides information about tourist operators such as airlines, hotels, car rentals, coach operators, restaurants, sightseeing etc. 

Golf in Iceland

Since 1930 golf has been played in Iceland. There are currently approximately 75 golf courses throughout the country. Thanks to the midnight sun, summer golf can be played nearly 24 hours a day. Wouldn’t it be cool to say, “I played golf at 2:00 a.m.!”?

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Our goal is to introduce and promote Iceland as the unique golf experience that it is. Iceland may not have the world's best courses but the best courses are of hight standard and one thing we can surely promise.