Boat tours in Iceland

Looking for Boat tours in Iceland?
There are many boat tours in Iceland that can be easy to find. This is the place to start making your travel plans.

There are so many things to do in Iceland and places to see in Iceland that it is hard to advise someone planning their holiday in Iceland on where to start.

If we have to pick a few places that involve boat tours then whale watching, and river rafting are definitely two of the greatest options.
Here is a selection of the river rafting and other boat tour options you will have to choose from when you travel to Iceland.

Borea Adventures Boat Trips

Borea Adventures offers adventurous kayaking and sailing trips in Iceland. The remote fjords and coves of the West Fjords of NW Iceland are the perfect area for sea kayaking tours. Experiencing the dramatic landscape with majestic bird cliffs and lush valleys is wonderful day excursion option when visiting Iceland

Extreme Iceland Boat Trips

Extreme Iceland

Extreme Iceland offers exhilarating boat day trips for travelers seeking a unique way to see the country on jet boats, tour boats and schooners. 

Ice Lagoon Boat Trips

Ice Lagoon

Ice Lagoon offers boat day trips on the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Through adventure, evening or private tours, they have a variety of boat tours suited for the needs of all travelers. As one of the most amazing sites to see in Iceland, taking a boat day trip in Iceland in the midst of Europe’s largest glacier is an activity you definitely want to include on your agenda.

Seatours Boat trips

Seatoursoffers exciting Icelandic boat excursions all year around. Seatours is a long-established tourist company located in the picturesque coastal town of Stykkishólmur in West Iceland. 

Sjosigling Boat Tour

Sjosigling offers boat trips in Iceland that include observing Icelandic whales and angling Icelandic fish. The boat, Númi is a traditional Icelandic oak fishing-boat which has been modified for whale watching and sea angling without losing its charm. 

Special Tours Boat Trips

Special Tours knows exactly what to do in Iceland when it comes to boat excursions and Icelandic day tours. Special Tours offers whale watching, puffin Watching, sea Angling and incentive adventures out of Reykjavik Old Harbour! 

Videy Island boat trip

Videy Island is a wonderful place for an Icelandic day time excursion. As the island itself is natural treasure, its proximity to the city center is also an added bonus. Given the 7 minute ferry ride to Videy Island, passengers can be sure to enjoy the fresh air and exciting boat trip without the hassle of a long trip across the sea. 

Viking Tours Boat Trips

Viking Tours offers a variety of Icelandic boat excursions that include a circle tour of Heimaey Island, whale watching, deep sea fishing, a Surtsey Island tour and fine dinner cruise at sea.