ATV Tours

Safari quads is the oldest quad/ATV tour company in Iceland and has been operating tours since 2003.  We started our operation on a farm in the country side in West Iceland and offered tours in the back country and mountain areas, giving our guest an opportunity to get "up close and personal" with the Icelandic nature.

We moved our camp closer to Reykjavík in 2008, to be closer to our guest and be able to offer shorter and/or multiactivity tours. We are now located only 10-15 minutes from most hotels in the downtown area.  You really don't need to go further in order to experience the beautiful backcountry of Iceland.  


Most of our guest are first timers looking for a fun and orginal way to experience the countryside. Our quads/ATV's are relatively new, well maintained, double seaters and fully automatic, which makes them very easy to handle. All guests get good operational and safety instructions before each tour.

We put a lot of effort into safety procedures and ensure that you will be safe while enjoying our tour.

We want to point out that our tours are adventure tours, and want to make sure that each guest understands the risk of a motorized activity. Everyone has to sign a release before departure stating that the driver or passenger is responsible for damages or personal injury he may cause during the tour and cannot hold Safari Quads responsible.
Tel. +354-414-1533